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Last update: 28/01/22 10:55 UTC

A proxy server is an intermediate point of communication on a computer network that allows connecting clients to make requests to other network nodes on their behalf. The main tasks of a proxy server are to redirect requests (for example, loading a website page or some file) from the client to the server, without connecting the client and the server directly. Most often, proxy servers are used by marketers, SEO specialists, webmasters. With their help, you can collect data to analyze the activities of competitors. parse the results of search engines, use for website promotion. Proxy servers are of HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS types, as well as are divided into transparent and anonymous.

ProxyPlanet.Biz is an automated complex for searching and checking proxy servers from all over the world. We collect proxies from open sources, as well as make a search ourselves. Our proxy lists are updated 2 times a minute, and rechecking the entire database of proxy servers takes no more than 5 minutes. We check the speed of the proxy server, its anonymity, as well as support for the transmission of POST requests, REFERER, as well as COOKIES. Fresh lists of proxy servers can be obtained through our API. We have a convenient filter for uploading lists of proxy servers by speed, anonymity, country.

Current statistics of live proxy servers by country