Please, before using the automated service, carefully read the terms of use.

Terms and Definitions

User - an individual who accesses the Service.

Service — automated service, which provides a working list of proxy servers on a reimbursable basis and has its own website with a description of the service.

User's payment details - wallet number of YooMoney, QIWI, Webmoney or other user identifiers in payment systems through which the User paid for access to the Service, including the email address specified by the User when purchasing to deliver the API access key.

Description of the service

The Service provides the Users with an information service - access to the list of open proxy servers operating without authorization, not owned or controlled by the Service, collected from publicly available Internet sources, verified and classified using the Service software, on a paid basis for personal use at their own risk and risk, at its own responsibility on an "as is" basis and as available.

The proxy list is updated twice a minute, the time to check the health of the entire proxy server database is no more than 5 minutes. The actual time of checking proxy servers by the Service is indicated on the main page.

The access to the working list of proxy servers is carried out through the API. To access the API, the User needs to purchase an access key. The key makes it possible to get full access to the Service for a certain number of days from the moment of its activation (1, 7, 30, 90 days). Key activation occurs at the time of the first API request. Once activated, the key cannot be suspended.

Terms of use of the Service

The Service user is obliged to ensure the confidentiality of his access key (including links to obtain a proxy through the API, since they contain the key).

It is prohibited to use proxy servers provided by the Service for purposes that violate the rules for using services accessed through a proxy, sending SPAM, access to Internet resources that are legally blocked in the User's country of residence, unauthorized access to computer information and systems, hacker attacks , as well as any other activity that violates local and / or international legislation, including, but not limited to the legislation of the country of residence of the User, and the countries in which proxy servers and service servers are located, to which the User accesses through a proxy.

Access to the Service is carried out through a browser in which Cookies and JavaScript are supported and enabled, add-ons that limit the operation of the site in one way or another are disabled, otherwise, the Service is not guaranteed.

When paying for access to the service, the User is obliged to indicate his real email address, which does not belong to temporary email services, and only the User has access to.

Service administration rights

The Administration of the Service reserves the right, in case of detection of violations by Users of these Terms, to close access to the Service for such Users without prior notice and without refund of the funds paid. Access is closed by blocking all access keys belonging to the user who committed the violation (purchased for the same Payment details). In addition, at the discretion of the Administration, blocking access to the Service may include blocking the Payment Details and / or IP address (s) of the User who committed the violation on the equipment of the Service.

In order to prevent systematic violations of these Terms, the Service Administration has the right to identify the keys of Users who have previously committed repeated violations of these Terms, and block these keys without refunding the funds paid as they are discovered, including non-activated keys, without waiting for the fact of another violation.

The Administration of the Service reserves the right to change any parameters of the functioning of the Service, including the appearance of the web interface (html layout), parameters for accessing the API of the Service, prices for services, etc. without prior notice.

Responsibility of the Administration of the Service

Access to the Service is provided to Users for their convenience on an "as is" basis, and as available. The Administration of the Service does not guarantee that the use of the Service and (or) the provision of its content will be uninterrupted, complete and error-free and reserves the right to change the Service and its contents at any time, as well as to stop providing access to them.

The Service tries to ensure the high quality of the proxy list, however, since the proxies provided by the Service do not belong to and are not controlled by the Service, and also since the proxies provided by the Service are open (access to which is open to everyone), the Service physically cannot and does not guarantee:

any minimum number of working proxies, including proxies with any specific characteristics;

any minimum proxy speed;

any minimum duration of the proxy (lifetime);

that some or all proxies will not be blocked on any resource;

that proxies do not keep logs;

that proxies will work flawlessly with the User's software.

By paying for access, the User confirms that he understands and accepts all possible risks associated with the use of open proxies, including but not limited to those listed above, in respect of which the Service does not give guarantees.

All information about the proxy provided by the Service was relevant at the time of checking a specific proxy and at the time of using the proxy by the User may change.

Under no circumstances will the administration of the Service, or any other persons involved in the creation, production or distribution of the Service, be liable for reimbursement of any direct, indirect, indirect, collateral and special circumstances determined losses, lost profits and business interruptions as a result of using or the impossibility of using the Service and its materials, even if the administration of the Service was aware of the possibility of such losses.


Before purchasing an access key, the User is obliged to familiarize himself with the questions and answers section, service statistics, and also test free proxies, including the service API for obtaining them, in order to make sure that the proxies provided by the Service are suitable for their tasks. In addition, the User who buys an access key for the first time must first acquire access for a day to deeply test the compliance of the Service functionality and open proxies provided by the Service with their tasks.

Taking into account the specifics of the service provided, namely, the fact that the proxies provided to the User are open, do not belong to and are not controlled by the Service (in this connection, the Service Terms of Use stipulates that the Service refuses to provide guarantees regarding the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the proxies provided due to physical impossibility giving those).